Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine for Windward Oahu

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Completely portable

The travel CPAP is lightweight and portable, weighing less than 1 pound. and is no bigger than a soda can. This unit can go anywhere, making it ideal for frequent travelers, cruises, camping and more! You can even use it during the flight.


The travel CPAP is able to set pressure automatically and humidifies without water. It can be used with both rechargeable and solar batteries available and easily connects with your mask and headgear.


The Sleep Lab provides travel units that are available for both incoming and outgoing travelers.


Completely budget friendly.

Travel to Paradise just got easier

Forget the hassle and worry of lost or broken equipment, A CPAP unit can be waiting for you when you arrive.  Just bring your mask and plan on a good night's sleep.  Sign up here.

There is no need to fumble with a large CPAP unit and supplies while traveling on vacation or for business. The Sleep Lab offers a small travel unit when leaving the islands to make your travel convenient or a unit with your settings can be waiting for you when you arrive in paradise.  How do I sign up?

Travel just got easier

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